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Anger, shock over content of videos showing disturbing events at prison for women

A newly-released video from the state Attorney General’s office from Jan. 12 shows violent cell extractions at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women. The disturbing footage that was captured on the hallway and hand-held cameras shows 90 minutes of graphic recordings. Former inmates of the prison are among those expressing anger and shock at the content of the videos.

After decades of reports of sexual assaults and other violence at Edna Mahan, violent interactions between corrections officers and inmates in January finally prompted investigations that led to charges against 10 officers, intense scrutiny of the facility by lawmakers, calls for and ultimately the resignation of Department of Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks, and finally the announcement by Gov. Phil Murphy that he was shutting the century-old prison down.

Courtesy from NJ Spotlight News


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