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Free World

Dear Free World,

I woke up this morning hoping today would be the day my family and I would be released from this 9 to 15-year State/Federal nightmare, only to be slapped in the face with the bitter-sweet victory of 5 U.S. American Citizens being released from Iranian detention.

As an Honorably Discharged U.S. Army Veteran, I was overcome with Joy knowing that the oath I raised my right hand and swore to ( Protect this country from all threats, foreign and Domestic) was being upheld and enforced.

Yet the so real pain that my family and I have experienced over the last nine years of my "Proven" on Trial Record (VIA- "Voicemail," "Trial Testimony," "Text-messages," "Affidavits," and "Emails") "Innocent Wrongful Unconstitutional Incarceration" has me perplexed and psychologically Stressed and Anguished.

Leaving me to question, "How can it be known that without a shadow of a doubt, I, as a "Proven" Wrongfully Convicted Innocent man being held in "Federal Custody," not be released, yet a deal can be made with a foreign entity whom this Counrty has a pungent disregard for"?

I'm hurt, yet happy for the P.O.W.'s release from the hands of a non-American foreign Dictatorship. But was I still left to question, "How can The Nation in God We Trust allow for one of its own to be wrongfully still held in "Federal Custody" while fighting for the release of other citizens on foreign "Enemy" Soil"?

Anthony Jones- "Sponsored by LOVE, Motivated by HATE"


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