Create a spotlight for high profile cases that the general public may be unaware of, so many can visit the minds of the harden convicts and catch up on their lifestyles. State Vs Us Magazine will provide that outlet by spotlighting high criminal profile cases and speaking up against corruption in the jail system, police departments and government. All while showcasing success stories of individuals who have escaped the streets to success. Advise our people how to handle encounters with police and what to do and /or not to do during trial. Clear the air and separate rumors from facts. Keep many abreast to the fashion, entertainment and technology in urban America. 


I love how this publication will go deep into the minds of people who are really suffering by the judicial system. These stories need to be heard. Thanx State Vs Us Magazine


Why State Vs US?


State Vs Us You see that, the word Us

Meaning this platform was created to give you, him, her, them and I a voice.

Many stories need to be read.

Your story is our story, their story is Your story...Keep telling them until it's just US..


This magazine is exactly what we need right now! It tells the stories that the evening news don’t tell from the voices of the people that lived through it. Giving us a peek on the inside of the walls and those on the inside a peek out. State Vs Us is what we been missing!



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