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State Vs Us Magazine will provide a unique outlet by highlighting high profile cases, wrongful convictions, and speaking up against corruption. All while showcasing success stories of individuals who have made it out of prison to the streets of success. Advise our people on how to handle encounters with the law. Give financial literacy, real estate, and legal advice, empowerment, & more. Clear the air and separate rumors from facts. 


If you are an author or have a brand that you want to get out to the world, please email us for advertising space. Low fees for incarcerated individuals.


Do you have a story to tell and want to get interviewed? Please write to us or have a loved one email us.


I love how this publication will go deep into the minds of people who are really suffering by the judicial system. These stories need to be heard. Thanx State Vs Us Magazine


Why State Vs Us?


 State Vs Us platform was created to give you, him, her, them, and I a voice.

Many stories need to be read.

Your story is our story, their story is Your story.



This magazine is exactly what we need right now! It tells the stories that the evening news don’t tell from the voices of the people that lived through it. Giving us a peek on the inside of the walls and those on the inside a peek out. State Vs Us is what we been missing!



Thanks! Message sent.

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