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Accused murderer released on bond as St. Louis judges review more than 700 cases

ST. LOUIS ( - Last April, Kimberly Brown stabbed her boyfriend to death, according to authorities.

Tuesday, she was released on bond, allowed to return home to live with her son as she awaits trial on the charges of first-degree murder and armed-criminal action.

Brown, 59, is one of the more than 700 cases being reviewed after a federal judge ruled St. Louis City jails cannot hold inmates who can’t pay bond.

U.S. District Judge Audrey Fleissig gave the courts one week to hold new hearings for current inmates in the city’s two jails. Her ruling said inmates can still be held if they are a danger to the community.

On Tuesday, Judge Michael Mullen released Brown on her own recognizance, saying she may only leave home for doctors’ appointments, court appearances and attorney meetings.

Judge Thomas McCarthy ordered Antione Miller be released on personal recognizance. According to court documents, Miller is accused of having sex with a person younger than 17-years-old. He is charged with statutory rape and unlawful use of a weapon. According to documents, he is a persistent offender.

A spokesperson for Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office said their office requested both Brown and Miller remain in jail. Their office is currently working in a “all hands of deck situation.” They are calling hundreds of victims to let them know the accused offenders may be released.

Judge Fleissig’s ruling comes at a time where bail practices in Missouri and across the country are under examination. There is also a call to close the city’s workhouse.

Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards raised concerns over the ruling which could impact hundreds of inmates.

“There are certain people who need to be locked up in the City of St. Louis, they don't have the ability to assimilate in our communities, based on their behaviors,” said Edwards.

Judges such as Michael Mullen are not allowing all inmates out on bond. On Tuesday, he rejected a bond request from Terrance Williams, charged with murdering a man in 2017. He also rejected the request of Larry Strickland, a man accused of witness tampering.


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