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White Supremacist Daniel Borden Sentenced in Connection with Attack on DeAndre Harris

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - An Ohio man who took part in a group beating inside a Charlottesville parking garage more than a year ago is learning his sentence.

Daniel Patrick Borden appeared in the city's Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Monday, January 7, for his sentencing hearing. Borden’s case would normally be held in Charlottesville Circuit Court, but that building is currently undergoing renovations.

Borden entered an Alford plea to malicious wounding back on May 21, 2018. The plea means Borden admits there is enough evidence to prove that he was one of several men who attacked DeAndre Harris inside the Market Street Parking Garage on August 12, 2017.

During Monday's hearing, Borden told the judge he is not a bigot and is remorseful. He also offered an apology to Harris, who wasn't present, and told the audience, "I'm truly sorry this happened to your town."

The judge gave Borden a 20-year suspended sentence: He'll serve an active sentence of three years, 10 months, and must also be on good behavior for 20 years.

Earlier, the court also heard testimony from the defendant's mother and father: Rick Borden spent his time on the witness stand ranting about activists and proclaiming his son's innocence. Borden's mother said divorce, learning issues, and Daniel moving in with his father were all factors to consider.

The judge had to stop the proceedings several times due in part to Rick Borden's behavior. The defense attorney at one point said, “the court is getting me on edge."

Borden had been scheduled to be sentenced back in October, but that was delayed due to the Ohio man reportedly not cooperating with a pre-sentencing report.

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