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We have started a petition and not only do we need your signature we need you guys to help with making calls daily to your state governor and wardens in a prison in your state.

As you see above is the flyer we are using to spread virally through our communities to stand in solidarity to get the government to act now.

Here is the letter that will also be mailed to every governor in the US and every prison warden.

State Vs Us Magazine

PO Box 29291

Baltimore, MD 21213

Attention Governors, LT Governors, Wardens, and Assistant Wardens:

As you are well aware this pandemic has impacted so many lives worldwide. It is very well understood that those individuals who are incarcerated are there as a result of some crime they have committed or maybe didn’t commit either way they’re human.

As a result of this virus causing a detrimental global impact incarcerated individuals who can’t practice social distancing in their already controlled environment are most susceptible.

COVID-19 has directly and indirectly impacted our community and that includes incarcerated individuals and juveniles. There is no reason to act like these men, women, and children aren’t human as animals are treated better. COVID-19 should not be a death sentence for those accused of a crime nor those found guilty of a crime. The Governor has a moral obligation to ensure the safety of all humans within their state - that includes those incarcerated.

As people, as humans, as children, and as adults we all have broken a law, did something wrong and some of us have been able to never see handcuffs or even a prison cell. America has proved over and over how judgment on others continues to be a plague on our community. At some point, our human must kick in and we must ask ourselves when will we act accordingly and think of others at doing right by them. Whether we are in the same tax bracket or not WE are a community.

Our children are being taken from the comfort of their homes due to poverty in the middle of a pandemic. How fair is that? Children are being trafficked through the system and parents are hysterical. We ask you what if this were your child, place yourself in their shoes.

The relationship between Slavery and families being separated by systems is no accident. Treating animals in the zoo better than families of color is disgusting - color does not remove our humanity - How will you sleep at night when this pandemic is over and nearly every incarcerated person is deceased - Knowing you had the power to change their outcomes and give them a chance to live.

This letter serves as an effort to make our communities safer and save those lives who can’t save their own. Here are a list of demands for you to act on ASAP. This has to happen and has to happen now.

History has proven that black America is 13% black and the prison population is 34% black. We are the most affected and this is your chance to correct an over 400 years long wrong.

I challenge you to adhere to what is necessary and needed to not only improve families’ relationships but communities.

*Better living conditions for our incarcerated individuals

*Free phone calls and emails home to families

*Return children who were separated from their family for reasons related to neglect

*Children whose parents have been visiting with them and seeking their return

*Children who the family court system has a goal of return to parent

*Release all people in jail who are incarcerated on pre-trial and bondable offenses

*Release all people who have a year or less

*Release disable, sickly, and elderly individuals

*Release non-violent offenses

*Create emergency housing for returning citizens

*We demand full compliance with all of the clauses of the eighth amendment cruel and unusual punishment clauses of the constitution.

*We demand full compliance with the CARES ACT and immediate home confinement placement of those individuals who meet the requirements.

With all love and prayer that you understand where I’m coming from as you will do the right thing.

Tia Hamilton

CEO, State Vs Us Magazine

Remember that incarcerated individuals are human as well and deserve the same compassion as a person on the outside.

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