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Texas teacher who tried to contact Trump to have her students deported is officially fired

Georgia Clark, a teacher from Texas, has officially been fired after tweeting President Trump and asking him to “remove the illegals” from the Fort Worth high school where she taught.

Clark apparently thought the tweets were private. However, her Twitter account has since been deleted.

The vote to fire Clark was unanimous, and her appeal was also overruled. These tweets are not the first time this particular teacher was accused of treating her students poorly, however.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that she had a history of being inappropriate. In 2013, she was suspended from her post at Wester Hills High School after referring to Latinx students as “little Mexico.” She was quoted in a report as saying:

“While checking their work, I noticed that they were spending their time talking instead of working together. I decided it was time to mix the class together. When I asked them to blend in with the rest of the class, they informed me that they were fine where they were. That’s when I said we weren’t going to have Texas on one side and Little Mexico on the other side.”

She also allegedly referred to a white student “white bread,” and complained to a coworker about another student “hanging out with her black boyfriend.”

There was also a report that she called a student a “blood” implying he was a gang member because he was wearing red shoes.

In 2007, a report was filed against her for kicking a student’s foot, and there was even an incident of her being placed on administrative leave way back in 1998 for using abusive language while speaking to a student.


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