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Nike has joined forces with former President Barack Obama by donating $5 million dollars in an effort to assist him in building the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park, located on the southside of Chicago.

The museum will include housing exhibition space as well as education and meeting rooms, and a  presidential library that would be the first to fully digitize a president’s unclassified records.

In a statement on Nike’s website,  Jorge Casimiro, Nike’s Chief Social & Community Impact Officer and Nike Foundation President, says the Obama’s have a love of sports and physical fitness.

“The very presence of an athletic facility underlines how much the power of sport is woven into President and Mrs. Obama’s identities. President Obama, after all, is famous for his NCAA brackets and his love of the White Sox, and the Obama family inspired kids everywhere to get moving. “ Jorge Casimiro

He continued by saying sports have powers to change things.

“Our belief in the power of sport to transform lives is why we work with organizations like the Obama Foundation — because whether it’s on a global scale or at the grassroots level, we’ve seen what’s possible when sport brings us together.”

Other contributors to The Obama Center for the presidential center include The Obama’s themselves who put up over $1 million dollars,  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  The Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation, Charles Barkley, and Jack & Jill of America Foundation, Inc.


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