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Jesus, Saves Us by Grieving Incarcerated parent

Hello From the INside :

I wrote this when Alice Johnson was released and we thought

maybe we were being "blessed".

I wrote it before my daughter was lost to Covid-19 this year

I also wrote it before the "FSA was to be used for those

INside to benefit and reduce long excessive sentences."

One day lost in so many ways...I cried out to the Lord.

Lord, I would say, "I can't afford to waste yet another day."

The Lord from on high said to me, "So don't cry to me

just kneel and pray."

Lord, I said, " I believe in my heart in what I say, but I can't get my mind to follow."

Sometimes I say Lord "the words feel so hollow. Lord, there is nothing there."

I just grip my hands harder with a heaviness I can't explain. I rack my brain

to say cautiously so as not to be upset "Lord don't you care?"

The Lord said, "Of course, I care."

I wait and say with trepidation "Lord it's not fair. I pray so hard I

gnash my teeth together. Please I am begging you, Lord, to make

it clear. You tell me not to fear that you will never fail us but all

I hear is weeping and wailing everywhere."

My darling precious daughter said the Lord. "You of all people

need to understand since you have been locked up I have blessed

every word that has come from your your hands from

your heart. So isn't that as good as any place to start? Remember

the most important thing Trust me because the daughter I sent my son

your brother Jesus to save YOU all...So Justice is up ahead."

But, Lord all I see is some rugged cross in my path."

The Lord shook his head back and forth in despair.

"Daughter you outa use more than just your eyes...that's

wise because if you look with a heart of faith."

The Lord pointed for me to approach that rotted old

wooden cross saying,

"There is the light, the truth and it's not in your way

of the path but it is the way toward your path."

"Lord so you say but still I do not understand."

The Lord pointed, again saying "daughter be not afraid

before you are the way move ahead not back.

That CROSS you see, next to that

TREE will give upon what you lack...

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Believe...Receive ME."

So never lose hope when you can't cope

God is there everywhere and no matter

what the situation he will always care

for you and me...Pray and see.


Have a blessed day

remember God will always make a way


#shareit with everyone.


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