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Corruption: Attorney Testifies on GTTF crimes

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Members of the State Commission established to take a critical look at the Baltimore Police Department gathered in Annapolis on Tuesday. As members of the Commission to Restore Trust in Policing listened to testimony provided by a criminal defense attorney some indicated they felt sick to their stomach.

Defense Attorney Ivan Bates represented more than thirty clients who ended up in jail following an arrest involving a member of the now disbanded Gun Trace Task Force. Bates showed body worn camera footage of officers entering a man’s home without a search warrant and courtroom video of prosecutors downplaying the actions.

Bates testified, “They knew and they just didn't care”. While Bates pointed out specific incidents, he told the commission GTTF members got away with their crimes due to systemic problems that exist within the criminal justice system.

Former Howard County Police Chief James Robey sits on the commission. Robey said, “I can only think back to my days as chief. If I was notified by the States Attorney’s Office that they would not permit any of our officers to testify in a criminal case because of credibility, I'm going to find a way to get rid of the officer”. For more than a decade, GTTF members committed crimes on the streets they were supposed to be policing. It wasn’t until federal authorities began to investigate the former officers were arrested and eventually ended up in prison.

Commission members have until the end of 2020 to investigate how these corrupt officers managed to get away with their crimes for as long as they did.

For more on the Gun Trace Task Force, click here.


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