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Attorney Who Oversaw Hearings of Corrupt Chicago Cops Was Murdered Alongside His Lawyer Wife

Two prominent attorneys, husband, and wife were recently murdered in a wealthy suburb of Chicago. Now, local police are imploring the public for their help to move the case forward.

“Part of the investigative process is not only to examine the scene but also to look beyond the incident for movements in the area that might offer clues that can help solve this heinous crime,” Oak Park Police Chief LaDon Reynolds said on Monday.

“That’s why I am asking residents in the surrounding blocks to help by sharing any security video they may have recorded up to a week prior to the incident.”

On April 13, police discovered the bodies of 67-year-old Leslie Ann Jones and her 69-year-old husband Thomas E. Johnson–partners at the Chicago-based law firm of Johnson, Jones, Snelling, Gilbert & Davis. The couple had been repeatedly stabbed to death.

Details of the grisly slaying filtered out piece by piece last week. First, the initial deaths were reported–authorities said the bodies were found under “suspicious circumstances.” That news was quickly followed up by the names of the victims the next day.

Finally, on April 16, as neighbors, friends, and family congregated near the new still and empty house for a memorial, the medical examiner announced that the couple had died from “multiple sharp force injuries” and ruled both of their deaths as homicides.

Oak Park Police have been attuned to the concern caused by the slow drip of information and acknowledged as much in their Tuesday statement.


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