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An update and message from Comrade Malik

Peace and blessings Sisters and Brothers!! Please share this Far and Wide via all Platforms available to you!! We Must get the Word out about these contradictions, Deceptions, and Lies!!!! In Solidarity and Respect!! Malik Covid-19 Urgent Update! (Prisoners are People too!) USP Pollock (Louisiana) & Surrounding Areas by Keith 'Malik' Washington Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee Today is Saturday, April 18th, 2020. Like many of you in the Free World, I have been monitoring closely the daily Covid-19 briefings broadcast from the White House in Washington DC. I have also been observing and analyzing the propaganda disseminated by the Mainstream Media in regard to the deadly Pandemic.

What has been missing from the Presidential Daily Briefings and News Media Platforms such as CNN and Fox News is any mention of the effect Covid-19 has had on Amerika's world-leading prison population.

There has been a glaring lack of transparency and accountability in regard to what is actually happening inside both Federal Prison and Immigration Detention Centers as well as State Prisons all across the United Snakes of Amerika. With your mutual aid and solidarity, I will attempt to fill that void in reporting.

I am an older Black Man who is currently incarcerated at a High-Security Federal Prison in Louisiana. (USP Pollock). A few miles down the road from USP Pollock is a low-security Federal Prison known as FCI Oakdale.

The Most Recent Data and information coming out of FCI Oakdale report over 60(sixty) confirmed cases of Covid-19 and at least 10(Ten) deaths. I request that all of you reading this report help confirm these numbers. B.O.P. employees have been instructed to Keep Quiet in respect to the current situation at FCI Oakdale.

I have discovered that there are a number of prisoners at FCI Oakdale who have been placed on Ventilators and some have been transferred to local hospitals. The Prognosis for those who have been placed on ventilators is not Good!

Everyone in Amerika knows that Covid-1 is Killing Black People at an alarming rate. We are still awaiting the Demographic Statistics from the White House as they relate to Covid-19 Mortality in the Black Community.

*I must Ask: "How many of you have heard Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx, or President Donald J. Trump mention the growing number of dying prisoners in Amerika??".

The STATE ie..U.S. Federal government does not want Free World People to begin to think about prisoners or detainees in ICE/DHS facilities. The State's thinking is this: "Forget about Prisoner Lives! They deserve what they get! They are Animals---Save yourselves and let the Prisoners Die".

Perhaps Trump and his sycophants don't come right out and say this, but their actions and inactions speak volumes. To CNN, Fox and other Mainstream Media Outlets I Say this: "Prisoners and Detainees are People Too! Our lives have meaning and we Hurt and Feel just Like You Hurt and Feel" BUT THEY DON'T HEAR ME!!!

I have friends here at USP Pollock who are from New York City. In fact, my cell-Mate Tasheem Carter is from New York city --Far Rockaway Queens to be exact. Tasheem has beloved family members who have recently contracted the deadly Covid-19 virus and they are literally fighting for their lives.

Can any of you imagine the frustration, hopelessness, and pain felt by a human being trapped in Federal Prison while their Loved Ones perish during this National Pandemic? The Pain is Real and has long term effects.

This is the reality for many Black and Latinx prisoners. The Trump White House refuses to acknowledge the horrible impact this Pandemic is having on communities of color.

To add insult to injury the Trump Administration refuses to order ICE and DHS to test detainees for Covid-19!! All that talk about testing and the U.S. government is returning numerous Covid-19 infected detainees to Guatemala. This sounds shocking but is absolutely true. I recommend that you search for and Read the expose by Molly O'Toole of the Los Angeles Times--pleas Read It and see the hypocrisy and Lies emanating from these so-called Public Servants and Health Care Professionals in the White House!

I'd like to know whether or not Presidential Candidate Joe Biden will comment on these glaring contradictions in Trump's



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