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Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich: America ‘Doesn’t Get Enough Credit’ For Ending Slavery

There are so many stupid things on Fox News that it’s worth ignoring the vast majority of them. But this one? Hall of Fame stuff!!!

Let’s bring in Katie Pavlich, a Fox News contributor and someone who said a very, very, very, very stupid thing on Tuesday’s Outnumbered. Here’s Pavlich, full of outrage and ignorance, responding to Elizabeth Warren’s call to study reparations (emphasis mine):

They keep blaming America for the sin of slavery but the truth is, throughout human history, slavery existed, and America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years. And we get no credit for that to move forward and try to make good on that.

The “praise us for ending slavery” thing is bad enough. And, to their credit, Pavlich’s fellow panelists were immediately like “uhhhhhhhh,” and presented some useful rebuttals.

But they all failed to tackle the other big problem with her statement: Where was she getting this history from?

America was the first country to end slavery? To name just one country, let me introduce Pavlich to Haiti, a country formed by a rebellion of slaves which immediately ended slavery upon its founding in 1804. And there are so many more!

America was the first country to “end slavery within 150 years?” Yeah, I got nothing for this one. It’s just words thrown together. Where is that math coming from? 150 years from what? The founding of America? Not true. The first colonies? Also not true!

Someone teach Katie Pavlich some basic facts!!!

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