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Robert Kraft says President Trump is working to serve ‘best interests of the country’

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft told Fox News Friday that President Trump is “working very hard to serve the best interests of the country,” and he also called media mogul Rupert Murdoch “one of the most outstanding human beings on the planet.”

The Pats owner made the comments on the network’s morning program, “Fox & Friends.”

Host Brian Kilmeade noted that Trump tweeted out a congratulatory message to the Patriots after they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC title game and asked Kraft how it feels to have the support of the commander-in-chief heading into the Super Bowl.

Trump counts Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady among his friends.

“Well, we can use every fan who wants to support us, from wherever they are in their standard of life,” Kraft said. “I’ll tell you ... last year we started the largest homeless shelter in Boston. We’ve done a video for them, and we sponsor a big brunch for them, so they all can come in. And it’s very well-attended, so we love all fans.”

Earlier in the interview, Kilmeade asked Kraft about the high playoff ratings, and the team owner referenced the partial federal government shutdown that recently ended.

“A lot of people, and we’ve seen it with the government shutdown, people living paycheck to paycheck don’t have a lot of savings,” Kraft said. “And they’re looking to connect to something that allows them to escape from their daily travails.”

Kilmeade also asked Kraft if the president had offered him any advice.

“Well, I have a lot of people who give me advice and he’s been very supportive,” Kraft said. “And I know he’s working very hard to serve the best interests of the country.”

Kilmeade later pivoted to Murdoch, noting Kraft’s prior praise for the 87-year-old media titan.

“He’s one of the most outstanding human beings on the planet,” Kraft said during his Friday appearance on Fox News, a Murdoch property.

He added that Murdoch “started Fox the same time we came into the NFL, 25 years together. He changed the NFL, the way the other networks had to cover us, and he really helped upgrade. And I think he and his family are amazing entrepreneurs on a global basis, and I love that he’s still active and dynamic and trying to do great things.”

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