Hey Everybody! TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Last night (it appears) we narrowly lost a few elections that we really wanted to win, but we actually won hundreds that we desperately needed. I hope my coverage on Instagram and elsewhere gave you some hope. Our victories yesterday were many. Next year and all throughout the 2020 elections, The North Star will be broadcasting live throughout special moments like this in our own studio, with our own experts, telling our own stories, with our own style, culture, focus, clarity, and intensity. Tens of thousands of you have told me that that's exactly what you want. And we're going to build it together. As you know, 6 days ago we set out to build our launch team to 100,000 people by November 15th. Right now we are 113,577 strong. Let's push to get us to 200,000 people by November 15th. I really think we can do it. And when you see what we are launching on November 15th, you will know why we are going to need every single one of those people on board. In a few minutes, I am going to restart my public push to grow our launch team, but nothing is going to work better than each of you finding someone. If each of us just found ONE MORE PERSON we could hit the goal. Have them sign up today @ BuildingTheNorthStar.com You can share all of this on social media, but I think you will also have a ton of success asking your closest friends and family members to join us personally. They can also read more about what we're building and why here. Let's get our team to 200,000 people over the next 8 days! That means we're 86,423 people away. Let's GO! Shaun King The North Star

#thenorthstar #frederickdouglass #blm #blacklivesmatter #shaunking #teamwork

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