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Georgia Cop Who Lied About Black Man Shooting Her Gets 15 Years

Police officer Sherry Hall was sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by 23 years of probation on Aug. 30 after fabricating a story that a Black man shot her while on duty, according to The Washington Post.

In Sept. 2016 Hall said she was shot by a 6-foot, 250-pound Black man with dreads in a green shirt and black jogging pants. The then-rookie officer claimed she took cover and fired two rounds after she was shot without warning.

A bullet was recovered from her protective vest, two shell casings were found near her police car, and another casing was located in the nearby woods. According to 11 Alive, Rodreikus Scott was apprehended and identified as the shooter by Hall.

Hall made inconsistent statements and alleged she was shot at three times. However, her in-car camera showed that she didn’t immediately call for help and that only two shots were fired.

A little over a week later, Hall was fired after serving three months as a cop after it was found that she shot herself. She was also charged with multiple felonies including violating her officer’s oath, witness tampering and falsifying statements.

This past August, Hall took the stand while on trial and maintained her initial statement about the Black man shooting her though she didn’t “recall a whole lot” because she spent two years in therapy for the traumatic event.

A forensic pathologist determined Hall’s wound was not caused by the impact of a bullet hitting her vest. A jury convicted her on all 10 felony counts.

During her sentencing, Superior Court Judge Thomas Wilson reprimanded her for her actions.

“Ms. Hall, I’m not sorry for you one bit,” the judge said, according to the Progress-Argus. “One percent of the police officers in the United States are ruining it for 99 percent of the others. What you’ve done, you’ve put such a black eye on law enforcement, it’s hard for them to overcome it. We’ve got so many folks fighting us nowadays, and you just added to it.”

Hall’s phony attack story came on the heels of multiple police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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