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Eric Benet Goes "Eric Benet" And Calls Out Rappers!

Over the past few years things have changed a bit for Benet. The singer was once married to movie star and Hollywood A-Lister Halle Berry. However, the couple split and ended their marriage after being together for 3 years. Jay-Z famously called out Benet on his "Kill Jay-Z" record from his album "4:44."

"You almost went Eric Benét/ Let the baddest girl in the world get away/ I don't even know what else to say/n#gga, never go Eric Benet," rapped Jay-Z.

Benet would later respond to the line by saying "I got the baddest girl in the world as my wife." He would later fade black into the background after another quick moment in the spotlight.

Now Benet has found the spotlight once again, but this time for another reason.

Benet posted a meme on Instagram stating, "Rap Artists, if all you rap about is killing black people, degrading black women, abusing drugs, materialization, living a low life, you are are not a artist. You are a black face for white supremacy.”

Many celebrities would agree with Eric in his comment section on Instagram. However, some

Rappers such as Jae Millz would disagree with the sentiments of the meme.

“Eric Benet giving me rap advice is like me giving him advice on how he could’ve saved his marriage.," said Jae Millz

Do you agree with Eric Benet's feelings about hip-hop and Violence?

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