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Umar Johnson Comes Out Of Hotep Hiding, Where's the school?

Controversial school psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson’s upcoming speaking engagement in the Bahamas(in June) was seemingly his first public event since the beginning of the year, when Pennsylvania challenged him – unsuccessfully, apparently – on the authenticity of his professional credentials.

But it would seem all of that was behind the Philadelphia-based Hotep huckster, who was set to deliver the keynote speech in the Bahamas on Saturday “for a special event designed to encourage Bahamians to love their African roots as a part of understanding their true identity,” according to the Bahamas Weekly, which referred to him as “the Prince of Pan-Africanism.”

On the surface, that sounds really motivational and uplifting, and NewsOne most definitely encourages the positive reinforcement of African and Black culture throughout the world.

But there were still a handful of unanswered questions surrounding Johnson when he seemingly started keeping a lower-than-usual profile after he was grilled by the Pennsylvania’s State Board of Psychology in January over whether he was practicing psychology without a state license. (Yes, Johnson’s has kept his faithful followers fed with a regular diet of his YouTube video series filled with rhetoric against interracial marriages, homosexuality and, strangely enough, Drake in blackface. But compared to last year, when he regularly made the media rounds, including notable interviews with the Breakfast Club as well as NewsOne Now’s Roland Martin, he’s been pretty quiet since.)

One writer suggested “attacks” on Johnson were “because of his outspoken views on pan-Afrikanism and his opposition on interracial marriage and the way Special Education handles African-American children.” The Final Call wondered if what was happening to Johnson was “crucifixion.”

And while it did feel like somewhat of a witch-hunt, the lack of media reports following that Jan. 8 hearing would indicate that Johnson wasn’t found to have done anything wrong. Video footage from inside and outside of the hearing can be seen here.

But a quick search on social media shows there is still interest in the good doctor, especially as it relates to the claim that he accepted (read: not stole) hundreds of thousands of dollars (other rumors say as much as $1 million) in donations for the construction of a school for Black boys that he has never intended to build. For the record, he has insisted otherwise, as shown during the epic episode of NewsOne Now with Roland Martin from last summer.

Still, in recent weeks and months, people have continued to ask where the school is.

Courtesy New One

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