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Each of you in your own right are a heavy hitter and in the words of Maya Angelou...You Are Enough! I am reaching out to you today because in the past few weeks I have been hitting social media and other outlets pretty hard in asking for support for my upcoming October event. Thanks to our CEO Mz. Konnoisseur, this event is now featured in the Summer issue of State Vs US Magazine featuring Mysonne the NY General and thanks to Cookie Humphrey, this event will be featured in the upcoming issue of Compulsive Magazine! National and International will get to see this! We have also been introduced to 18 media entities in the DMV as well as being put on the Baltimore Pride 2018 calendar thanks to Lakesha Davis since one of our focuses is on the LGBTQ community. I am reminded of Matthew 7:7 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. The first letter of every sentence in this verse spells the word ASK. Why this verse? Well, it is because it is exactly what I have been doing and with a lot of prayer! I have been doing it alone and now I am reaching to you! My line up of speakers is as follows:

Caprice Smith, Sharper Minds 501c3 and Woman Uncuffed Troy Jones, Founder The 108 Organization and B6 Men’s Organization (men's support group) Melony Hill, Founder Stronger Than My Struggles Lady Yvette of Lady Yvette Ministries Upper Marlboro, MD Dr. Lisa Whitehead, Professor, Coppin State University & Domestic Violence advocate Chandra Gore, Owner CG Consultants Woodbridge, VA Just added Cory George, Life Coach and Anger Management Specialist and thriver from childhood abuse (as seen on Season 7 of Iyanla VanZant's Fix My Life) Poet Renae, Performer Poetless Shakespear, Performer D2 Dance Company, and Musical Performance by Bryan with the Lyrics and BeetBoyz Musik

Dr. Eric Holmes, author of The Power of the Seed will pray us into the event! We also have special guests from the Maryland State Police and the LGBTQ community speaking as well a a special self defense workshop conducted by Damsel in Defense.

The lineup of speakers was chosen because they have stood with me and believed in what I am doing, spoke with me and asked to be a part and are no strangers to what it is we are dealing with because they have experienced some level of abuse. The mission is to make sure that what we have gone thru does not happen to another soul and if it does happen, we can at least educate and help point them in the right direction for help and healing. I have some real heavy hitters at this years event. I am in need of your help to draw more of your followers in to help. It is time to rally the troops! I have an administrative budget of $2500. Reaching this goal is imperative for several reasons: 1. It helps to ensure that not all of the money comes solely out of my pocket. 2. It has been my hope to be able to provide basic financial needs (food, transportation, hotel room fee, etc.) to those attending that may need it. 3. We can start to plan for 2019 and beyond. I have already been asked to bring this event to DC/VA, North Carolina, Houston and Atlanta. 4. Securing and decorating space so that when attendees walk in they know they are in a safe and classy space. 5. Having all the necessary equipment for a smooth operation (mics, speakers, DJ, music, food, drinks, etc.)

I am requesting your help in expanding my reach by reaching out to your followers and fan base to help support this conference and its mission in general. The Way Foundation, my partner 501c3 , is having a fundraiser that I am helping with. With the first solo fundraiser, I raised $250 with a lot of crochet. If we could get every one of our followers (knowing not all will do so) to donate at least $5, we would not only knock out this budget but we can look to the future and have the ability to plan without wondering how. There are other fundraisers in the works as well right here in Baltimore being supported by WMSKonlineradio and other entities. Having this budget secured along with ticket sales will generate a buzz much like what is happening right now. My ultimate goal is to give Charm City an event like it has never seen before and have them talking about it for a whole year until the next event.

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