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23-Year-Old Sherrie Silver Choreographed Childish Gambino's 'This Is America.

Sherrie Silver, the choreographer for Childish Gambino's "This Is America" video, has released a tutorial of the dance moves found in the clip. As she explains at the start of the guide, seen above, she promised to share step-by-step instructions as soon as the video reached 100,000 million views. (As of this posting, the YouTube link has surpassed 120,000 million views.)

Silver is originally from Rwanda and has performed or choreographed in around 30 countries. In an interview with Glamour, Silver explained that Glover's team contacted her after seeing some of her videos, and was especially interested in her work with children.

"I basically wanted to bring my authentic style from different parts of Africa—not just my country—because I felt that it was very important to represent a lot of the continent," she said of her choreography for the video. :With the song being called 'This is America,' I wanted to make sure that there were some American references as well. That’s why you got dances in there like the Shoot and the Reverse and the Nene. And, obviously, Donald added his own style of movement."

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