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Unfair Treatment

The National Football League has become a farce right now. This business, this corporation will continue to be under fire. The league is under fire because of how they are treating former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick. Now, look at how the league is treating Kaepernick former teammate, strong safety Eric Reid. Nothing has changed because in reality, most people like myself, who aren't brainwashed know why Reid hasn't been signed.

Kaepernick started the movement, and anybody following him will suffer, like Reid. Like Kaepernick, Reid had filed a collusion grievance against the NFL. Reid hired the same lawyer as Kaepernick. Regardless of what the NFLPA says or does, Reid and Kaepernick will win their case. Reid has stated on multiple occasions in multiple interviews that he wouldn't kneel during the 2018 NFL season but find other methods to get his message across. When Reid went to the Cincinnati Bengals for employment in April, the owner Mike Brown doubted his word, questioning him about kneeling. The Bengals' owner got the nerve to question someone's integrity. His team, since 2000, has the third most arrested players in the NFL at 44 behind the Denver Broncos' 50 and Minnesota Vikings' 49 arrested players. Brown didn't want Reid because he doesn't want anybody on his team disrespecting the flag or the National Anthem. He don't want Reid but continues to give corner back Adam "Pacman" Jones multiple chances after all his arrest. What kind of buffoonery is that?

These NFL owners, including the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who I call Roger Baddeals, are hanging out with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. These ignoramuses are in Never Never Land. What is fantasy to them is a reality to me and every other minority in this country who aren't pet coons like that b*tch Ray Lewis (Clueless). In the actuality of life, if the white man thinks they are above everybody, they smoking on the bulls*it. Reid had a great season with the 49ers last year getting 66 combined tackles, four passes defended, two interceptions, and a fumble recovery in 13 games played. What is truly funny is that Kaepernick, like Reid, put up big numbers in only 11 games played in 2016 (his last season with the 49ers).

All of these owners are trying to propitiate Orange Face and look what it's gotten the league, bad ratings. I don't care if Orange Face is the President of these United States of America, you don't allow somebody like that to interfere with your corporation. As a businessman, Orange Face knows better, but he's full of s*it and a certified a**hole. The NFL darkest days have already arrived with the bad ratings and how more people are persistently protesting the league. The NFL darkest hours will not only come when more black players follow in the footsteps of Kaepernick and Reid but when the white players join them as well. Then what will happen? Who will get blamed? How are the front offices going to get paid when we are paying their salary with the merchandises, revenue shareholding that we do when we watch and/or attend these games? The league and the owners only have themselves to blame because they want to blow off a serious problem in this country just so they can get paid. If these owners don't know yet, we’re in 2018, not 1718. Keep it up NFL, and you guys will continue to perish into the bottomless pit of damnation. I love the NFL just like most people do, especially the women. Sundays are a day of bonding and enjoyment amongst true, die hard, NFL fans. If the NFL doesn't want to lose the fans and revenue, do the right thing by Reid and Kaepernick. You cannot deny a person the right-to-work if you aren't going to give them a chance. What will come out of this collusion? What is next for Eric Reid? One can hope and pray that he, along with his friend Kaepernick, will play on an NFL team this season. If not, the commissioner, the owners, and league officials will burn in effigy. Like I stated earlier, they will only have themselves to blame because they wanted to conciliate Orange Face. Orange Face is the puppet master, and the league is the puppeteer because he's the one pulling the strings, and nobody has any balls to call him out on his bulls*it. F*ck you Roger Baddeals, f*ck you.

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