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Dear Jason

Jason Whitlock, or as I like to refer to him as is Jason Shitlock has words that he said that threw me in a turbulence of rage. He said that Colin Kaepernick's apporach to the National Football League(NFL) is entitled not desperate. Basically he was saying that Colin Kaepernick believes that the NFL should give him special treatment in his deserving of a job. Sh*Klock goes on to say that Johnny Manziel is doing everything Colin Kaepernick should be doing. Manziel has NOT even played in a full season. He has played only two years and that was 2014 and 2015. In those two years for the Cleveland Browns, he played in 15 games totaled and started 8 games due to the first string quarterback being injured. There are 16 games in an ENTIRE NFL SEASON and Manziel has played 15 games total. So SH*tlock says that Manziel would be the perfect role model for Colin Kaepernick. How is the entire hell is Manziel a "perfect role model" for Kaepernick. Have you seen Kap partying late night like Manziel? Have you seen Kap caught drinking like Manziel? What off-the-field issues has Colin Kapernick done in which you say that Manziel is the perfect role model for him Jason Sh*tlock. If anything, Colin Kaepernick is the perfect role model for Johnny Manziel for doing what is right to make a change not only in his life but other people's lives as well. Sh*tlock, then you have the nerve to call Kapernick "Mute-hammad Ali." How dare you! How dare you sit your fat a*s in that chair, on that television screen and disrespect the late great Muhammad Ali. Who do you think you are by doing that? You was a child when Ali did his protest about the Vietnam War. I bet today, right now, if Ali would have done that, you would have dogged him like you doing Kapernick. You sir, are the biggest, and there is PUN intended, the biggest piece of sh*t breathing. Do people like myself or anybody else that is African-American have to remind you constantly that you are an African-American as well. You have not forgotten who you are.

The thing is that you are ashamed of who you are and what you have become. This is why you have your hatred for black athletes that are doing positive things in life. The only good thing and I mean the ONLY GOOD THING you've said is that Kap is more talented than Manziel. Beside the talent comparison between the two players, you do know Kap isn't playing. Colin Kapernick political views on social injustices is the reason why he is not playing on a team right now. Johnny Manziel off-the-field issues like partying and drinking is the reason why he isn't playing. Kapernick lead the 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII against the Baltimore Ravens in which they should have won that game. Manziel hasn't done anything because he is not that good of a quarterback. Manziel is where he is now is because he became the first freshmen in NCAA Division I-A history to win the Heisman trophy as a freshmen when he did that as a member of Texas A&M Aggies in 2012(where Kapernick was beginning his 2nd season in the NFL and took over the starting quarterback job from Alex Smith when Smith had a concussion mid-season). Each person views about certain things can be different from others and that is acceptable. What is not acceptable is you questioning Kapernick heart and passion for the game. Who are you to say that he doesn't have passion for the game Sh*tlock? Just because he is not like Manziel being desperate, on television and begging to come back to play doesn't mean Kap don't have passion. Kapernick and Manziel don't have to have the same approach to get back in the NFL. They are two opposite people with different ways of thinking. You talk about Kap shouldn't sue the job he's trying to get employment with. When have you not heard of anybody not suing their job for unwanted firing or other different kinds of scenarios. That is why the NFL is a union job and like most jobs with a union, you go to your union rep to figure out situations like this. Kap has been treated mistakenly and unfairly, but you don't see that. What you see is that Manziel is the good guy and Kapernick is a bad guy. There is a reason why your pet coon a*s don't write for the Kansas City Star anymore. Nobody that is black like me and like you, except the kiss-ass pet coon black people like yourself who share the same views and the white people who ass you're always kissing to stay harmonious on television. Do you even think before you speak. The things you say are asinine your views on black people, especially on black athletes is just grotesque. You need to find a mirror big enough and just look at your entire self one day.

Then ask yourself these questions: "Do I love myself?" "Am I happy to be an African-American?" "Do I love the life I am living?" "Do I actually understand what is going on in the world today?" "Can I continue to sleep at night with the things that I say on-air?" Usually, Jason Sh*tlock, I would FIRE your a*s just like I do everybody else. The difference from me doing that is the simple fact that how I feel about the idiocy you say and do, others feel the same way. When reality finally strike your a*s and makes you see clearly, you will understand. You need to quit living in a bubble Sh*tlock and grow some balls for once in your life, if you even have any or can find them for that matter. You are an ignorant a*s and a pet coon. The nerve to say Manziel a perfect role model for Kapernick. Whatever you've been smoking, throw it away because it is mutilating your brain cells. To the supporters that support you, pray for them for they are blind as shit as you Sh*tlock.

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