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NCAA Tournament Women's Basketball

March is the month for March Madness in college basketball. This is the where the women's basketball team is fighting to either get into the NCAA tournament or fight for position(seed) in the tournament. Each college in division I-A men basketball starts out by playing in their conference tournament. The conference tournament is the final factor of whether or not a team gets in the NCAA tournament. Winning the conference tournament is an automatic invite to the NCAA tournament. The defending champ, South Carolina Gamecocks are the number two seed in the tournament. They have the toughest bracket because the number one in the Albany Region is the UNDEFEATED UCONN Lady Huskies(number one overall seed), number three is Florida State Lady Seminoles, and number four is Georgia Lady Bulldogs. Baylor was number two behind UCONN but because their season was too easy playing in the Big 12 conference, they are a number two seed in Lexington Region where they have a tough task dealing with number one Louisville, number three Tennessee, and number four Stanford. Notre Dame is number one in the Spokane Region with Oregon being number two, Ohio State being number three, and Texas A&M being number four. Mississippi State who suffer their first lost this season to South Carolina in the SEC tournament championship game is the number one seed in the Kansas City Region while Texas is number two, UCLA is number three, and North Carolina State is number four. The commitee team who put this bracket together did NOT do any favors at all. They trying to force UCONN to lose in this tournament like they did last year. If you look at the brackets from both Albany and Spokane Region, in order for UCONN to make it to the championship game, they have to get by Georgia, Florida State, and the defending national champion South Carolina Lady Gamecocks to reach the Final Four of the Albany Region. Then they have to wait to see if they will meet up with one of their rivals, Notre Dame in the Final Four. The committee should not have placed both UCONN and South Carolina in the same region. Those teams that was mention are legit championship material teams. The two number one seeds in the Kansas City Region and Lexington Region, Mississippi State and Louisville has a much easier path to the national championship. The Final Four between the Albany and Spokane Region is the national championship because of the powerhouse teams there. I wonder what when on with the process when the committee made the selection of which teams was going in which bracket. This is not a good look at all.

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