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Integrity vs. Alternative Facts…

Is an apple, just an apple?

Happy New Year, welcome to 2018! The past year was an overly stimulating roller coaster ride that

kept you on your toes, making your mind race to its furthest capacity without rest. Are you ready for more of the same? The past year, with its induction of a new administration, has shown the truth behind the notion that if you don’t learn from your past you’re doomed to repeat it. Take a moment to consider the reverse actions that have taken place in 2017:

  • The Klan is regrouping, regenerating, and becoming stronger.

  • Disrespect of people of color has become the new / old norm.

  • Trickle down economic idealism.

  • Bypassing infrastructure rules to get your agenda done.

  • Clean air initiative.

The first one, on this list, haunts me the most. This country took a giant leap backwards when a loud party (the Republicans), backed with foreign assistance (the Russians), awarded an individual with the ability to inhabit the highest, leading, governmental office of the United States. The current White House resident has demonstrated that integrity, hope, empathy, and intelligence is no longer a badge of honor. The most important aspect of humanity is the ability to boast, taunt, bully, and spew alternative facts at people until these perceptions are woven into fact.

We must bring a new reality to our New Year. We were taught, as children, the importance of integrity, strong moral fiber, and kindness. Keeping a positive attitude is imperative for positive outcomes. However, you must be honest with yourself. That means no alternative facts; if something hurts, admit that it hurts, then do something to make it better. When you insist on maintaining your integrity then you will always know that what you doing, saying, and transforming will be true. Honesty with you will promote honesty with others.

Insisting on maintaining your integrity will also help you survive a government who dishes out alternative facts on a daily basis. Remember when you were in school you were taught to question everything? There has never been a better time for that practice than right now. Consider news outlets that you believe are credible, and listen to them. Take the stories they are providing you and begin your own research. I’m sure you’ll find similar stories that will corroborate what you are learning. This will help you discern between truth and alternative facts. Do all the research you can on potential elected officials. It’s time to clean house, and the government knows it. This cleaning is left in our (the citizens of the U.S.) hands. Keep yourself informed. Rely on your integrity to lead you through your choices. We can make effective change to improve our way of life, while reminding them (the government) who really is in charge…US! Let’s make 2018 our best year yet.

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