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Positive Anxiety

We have all experienced those days when nothing seems to go right, and you find your heart palpitating over everyday decisions. Anxiety is scary and can be, and often is, confused with others issues | illnesses | challenges.

Have you ever considered the times when you experience positive anxiety? Did you know there is a such thing as positive anxiety? Positive anxiety is often described as the nervous butterflies we feel just before we embark upon new adventures. When meeting new people, sometimes you may break out in a cold sweat or hot flash. Starting a new job can create nervous energy. What about going on vacation? Travel can become very overwhelming. You fantasize about exotic places to visit, and all the things you’d like to do when you get there that you don’t consider the reality of the trip itself. Some travel anxieties are:

  • Flying or Driving

  • Shopping

  • Tourism

Flying or driving brings up the anxiety of going through TSA (flying), and how many times you will need to refuel during the trip (driving). While this could be considered negative anxiety; some of the positive anxiety can be viewed as the excitement of flying in the plane, looking out the window and admiring the clouds, the plots of land, and majesty of the mountains. The positive anxiety of discovering new roads, and admiring the scenery. Shopping in unique stores that document your travel journey. Now consider the energy you expend when you explore new sights. Tourism isn’t just spending money in the cities / countries you visit; it is also socializing with the locals, feasting on foods you’ve never had before, and learning something new.

How about the positive anxiety you experience after you’ve gotten the job you’ve always wanted? You are confident that you will be successful in your new venture. You may find yourself, standing before the organization that employed you, and feel so much excitement that it may take your breath away (literally).

Although these anxiety moments are caused by positive circumstances, the symptoms and experiences are often the same. Some symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Cold or Hot Flashes

  • Restlessness

  • Shaking

  • Racing Thoughts

  • Lack of Concentration

It’s imperative to utilize your self-care coping mechanisms to sail through those moments of anxiety. The primary tool to use is mindfulness. See yourself succeeding on your new journey. Breathing in deeply while visualizing the great things you are going to accomplish. Slowly exhale, releasing all negative thoughts, hesitation, and doubt. Repeat this process for at least four breaths and notice the anxiety lifting. When you feel your thoughts racing, allow them to process. Write them down. Then allow them to dissipate, while you acknowledge that you gave yourself permission to feel what you’re going through. Embrace the positive aspects of the situation. This will help you reduce / eliminate your anxiety.

Remember… You hold the key to your mental wellness success!

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