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Emerging Kyrie

The game of the week between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. I do not care what anybody has to say about it. Everybody, including myself wanted to see that game in Boston. It pitted the two best teams in the entire league: Warriors in the West and Celtics in the East. I wanted to see this game to see how Kyrie would fare against the defending champions Warriors. All the LeBron fans wanted to see Kyrie fail in this game even though they had Golden State. It looked bad for the Celtics but they came back from two double-digit led by Jalen Brown and Al Horford. When Kyrie ditched the mask, it was officially game time and fourth quarter was his shine. He hit two clutch free throws to seal a Celtics 92-88 victory. How do you keep the Warriors under ninety points when you got snipers? I tell you how: when you have the number one defensive efficiency in the league. So what do all the LeBron lovers, the bronsexuals have to say now about Kyrie: nothing because Kyrie is showing the world how valuable he was to that Cleveland Cavaliers team while he is leading that 14-2 Celtics team. Kyrie is on a mission and so far this season, the world sees his talents but the bronsexuals will never admit to the public.

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