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Debate on Social Injustice Donations

You have the National Football League trying to propose a one hundred million dollar donation to all social justice organizations. If the National Football League thinks that doing this will stop players from kneeling, then the league is as crazy as it looks right now. Doing this is not going to stop the players from kneeling and it is definitely not a way to get Colin Kaepernick to stop the movement he has started. Social injustice is a serious issue in this country. The National Football League is just trying to get fans back because of their poor ratings every week this season. San Francisco 49ers linebacker Eric Reid has been a big support of his former teammate Colin Kaepernick and has decided, along with Miami Dolphins safety Michael Thomas to leave the Players Coalition led by Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and former NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin. The league is not concerned about why the players have been protesting. The league is concerned about their brand and how the protesting is bringing a black eye to it. Yes, the league propose this deal to the players but the owners still got some say so as well. Do people actually think the owners and players will strike a deal? The commissioner of the league Roger Goodell is already having a hard time getting the owners to agree on his contract extension. So what makes people think the players and owners will agree to this donation of social justice organizations. All of these owners really do not get the big picture. Money cannot fix everything. If these owners can look between the lines, hopefully they will truly understand why Colin Kaepernick made his stance in the first place and how it has spread beyond not just with the game of football.

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